Release Date: February 12, 2019

Cast: Cherie Deville, India Summer, Abella Danger, Seth Gamble

When her husband Jack (Seth Gamble), introduces gorgeous wife Charlie (Cherie DeVille) to anal play, she discovers sexual desires she's never known before! Follow along as Jack and Charlie get voyeuristic, try anal-licious threesomes, and succumb to a wild group sex finale you won't believe.

Unfolding - Scene 1: Wake-Up Call

Release Date: February 12, 2019 | Length: 18:56

Cast: Cherie Deville, Seth Gamble

Categories: Big Boobs, Blonde, Romance

Description: Neither Jack (Seth Gamble) nor Charlie (Cherie DeVille) wants to get out of bed in the morning, but the alarm is calling, and Jack's (not so) sly attempts to get his cock into Charlie's ass are frustrated when she insists on getting up. Things are different in the shower, though, where Jack awakens her tight, sensitive ass to the wonders of anal play.

Unfolding - Scene 2: Deeper and Deeper

Release Date: February 22, 2019 | Length: 20:41

Cast: Cherie Deville, Seth Gamble

Categories: Blonde, Milf, Romance

Description: Now that Charlie has had some experience with her ass being delighted by Jack's fingers, it's time to go a little farther. In the morning, she begs Jack to work his cock inside her back door, and even though it takes a lot of effort to get that big pole inside her, tit's worth every minute.

Unfolding - Scene 3: Hungry Hungry Housewife

Release Date: March 06, 2019 | Length: 07:43

Cast: Cherie Deville

Categories: Blonde, Milf, Romance

Description: Charlie's conflicted: her pussy aches at the thought of Jack fucking her hard - but it's her ass she wants his cock in! The rejuvenated housewife can't think of anything else, and even when she gets some time alone for a nice relaxing masturbation session in the bathtub, it just makes her hotter for her husband, so she heads in to beg him for more anal.

Unfolding - Scene 4: Grateful Head

Release Date: March 16, 2019 | Length: 09:54

Cast: Cherie Deville

Categories: Big Boobs, Blonde, Milf, Romance

Description: When Jack informs Charlie that they're taking a vacation, she tries to argue - no time, can't get away from work, too busy - but he insists, and even shows her the new toys he bought to make the holiday even more special. Convinced, she rewards him with a very skilled and enthusiastic blowjob to thank him for his thoughtfulness.

Unfolding - Scene 5: New Horizons

Release Date: March 26, 2019 | Length: 47:37

Cast: India Summer

Categories: Blonde, Group Sex, Milf, Romance

Description: When the newly adventurous couple arrives at the idyllic B&B Jack chose, Charlie is surprised to hear that it's a straight-up swingers' resort, and even more surprised by how aroused she is at the idea of showing off for strangers. The tables are turned, though, when she finds out that she'll be watching their hosts - India Summer takes two cocks in a sizzling double penetration, and Charlie's world gets a little bigger.

Unfolding - Scene 6: Danger in the Bedroom

Release Date: April 05, 2019 | Length: 37:15

Cast: Abella Danger, Cherie Deville, Seth Gamble

Categories: Anal, Big Boobs, Blonde, Group Sex, Milf, Romance

Description: It turns out that Charlie has some fantasies of her own, and now that her eyes have been opened, she can tell Jack that she's been fantasizing about a threesome too - but what she wants is to bring another woman into the bedroom. A dreamy yoga session with sexy teacher Abella Danger leads them to another bedroom adventure, and in this one, both Jack and Charlie get to experience all the delights of another woman.

Unfolding - Scene 7: Doubling Her Fun

Release Date: April 15, 2019 | Length: 23:39

Cast: Cherie Deville, Seth Gamble

Categories: Big Boobs, Group Sex, Milf, Romance

Description: Now that Charlie's had a taste of group sex, she's unstoppable; with her hunger for adventure (among other things) awakened, her next experience has to be even more explosive to sustain the high. India knows exactly what she needs, and she's ready to loan Charlie her husband for a night so the newly fledged swinger-slut can try the ultimate in pleasure - a double penetration!

Unfolding - Scene 8: Farewell Frolic

Release Date: April 25, 2019 | Length: 42:50

Cast: Abella Danger, Cherie Deville, Seth Gamble

Categories: Big Boobs, Blonde, Group Sex, Milf, Romance

Description: With their time at the swingers' resort drawing to a close, Charlie can't wait to maximize her pleasure, so when an invitation arrives asking her and Jack to join their hosts in a farewell orgy, she's all for it. It starts off soft and gentle with a long makeout session with India, but when Abella, her boyfriend, and the husbands join in, it's a no-holds-barred free-for-all with six eager, hot swingers - just the thing to make everybody long for a reunion!

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