Jane Blond - DD7

Jane Blond - DD7

Release Date: 12/08/2018

Cast: Carmen Luvana, Derrick Pierce, Tommy Gunn

Her mission is to subdue the evil Dr. Cock by any means necessary, including using her ass-stounding assets. In her pursuit, DD7 finds herself engaging in a hard pussy pounding threeway with Seth Dickens and Nadia Styles. Clad in leather corset and stockings, hired assassin Roxy stands one leg in the air while Will drills her deep from behind. DD7 catches up with Dr. Cock for an explosive oral finale. Jane Blond always gets her man, off that is!

Jane Blond - DD7 - Scene 1: Infiltration

Release Date: 12/08/2018 | Length: 21:45

Cast: Derrick Pierce

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: Jane Blond and Agent 68 have to infiltrate Dr. Cock's compound, and the best way to do it is to have Michelle Maylene seduce the guard and make sure he's concentrating on her perfect perky tits, her shaved, wet pussy, and her hunger for cock - instead of on Jane Blond as she sneaks past him and into the super villain's inner sanctum.

Jane Blond - DD7 - Scene 2: Local Guide

Release Date: 12/18/2018 | Length: 24:21

Cast: Carmen Luvana

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: DD7 heads off to Mexico to take a crack at Dr. Cock, but along the way she gets distracted by the companion her boss sent along to show her the ropes. He's young, hot, and built, with a big cock, and he shows Agent Blond a lot more than some dirty old ropes. DD7 prepares for her meeting with her supervillain nemesis with a rousing fuck in her hotel room, and when Nadia Styles shows up in a maid's uniform, it gets even hotter!

Jane Blond - DD7 - Scene 3: Lab Work

Release Date: 12/28/2018 | Length: 23:05

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: While the Professor works on new gadgets to help out DD7, Miss Daisy (Lacie Heart) helps him relax in the lab, but things change when she blows the Professor's cover as far as fucking his assistant. Turns out she's been wanting the Professor as well, and they take a break from inventing dildo-based gadgets to do some work with a real cock.

Jane Blond - DD7 - Scene 4: Keeping the Edge

Release Date: 01/09/2019 | Length: 21:29

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: Jane Blond is hard on the trail of the Evil Dr. Cock, who's ready and waiting for her in Japan. He's got a pair of evil henchmen on guard, with knives and guns at the ready, but they get bored standing around and decide to take advantage of some of their other skills - namely, cocksucking and deep dicking. Roxy Jezxel; and Will Powers need to keep their edge if they're going to deal with an agent like DD7!

Jane Blond - DD7 - Scene 5: An Explosive Finale

Release Date: 01/19/2019 | Length: 25:45

Cast: Carmen Luvana, Tommy Gunn

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: The Evil Dr. Cock finally reveals his nefarious plan, just in time for Agent DD7 to come along and spoil it all. Carmen deals with the henchmen handily and moves on to the real challenge - Doctor Cock is going to detonate every penis int he world unless Jane Blond fucks him, and she loves dick far too much to let that happen! She gives the evil villain the fucking of his life, and saves the world again!

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