Lady Scarface

Lady Scarface

Release Date: 12/06/2018

Cast: Carmen Luvana, Ava Rose, Shyla Stylez, Tommy Gunn

Carmen Luvana plays a ruthless druglord Toni in a trail of money, drugs and low-life sex! See street thug Toni curry favor and cock from a bad cop with her legs spread wide. This gangster takes what she wants, when she wants it and that includes sweet pussy from hot strap-on freak Ava Rose. Ava strays, with Tommy Gunn's dick, her hips grinding in reverse cowgirl. Yet Mckayla makes Tommy her bitch. It's the sweet life as Shyla and Angel double-blow a dude while licking each other. New partners get fresh stuff like Emiliana's ass-shaking doggie style. One dealer's fate has been decided, but what's one more lick of Ice La Fox's hot box? We can't give away the ending, it is sure to blow you away!

Lady Scarface - Scene 1: Immigrant Story

Release Date: 12/06/2018 | Length: 25:56

Cast: Carmen Luvana

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: When Lady Scarface (Carmen Luvana) tries to come into the US, the immigration agents know she's dirty - but they have absolutely no idea how dirty. An interrogation runs into a strip search, and then the strip search turns into Carmen begging for cock and the agent begging for mercy as she fucks him within an inch of his life.

Lady Scarface - Scene 2: Workin' at the Car Wash

Release Date: 12/16/2018 | Length: 24:22

Cast: Ava Rose, Carmen Luvana

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: You gotta have a job if you want to get by in the US. Lady Scarface starts off at a car wash, making shitty money and hassled by a fat boss, but she's headed for bigger things; Angel (Ava Rose) wants to come along, and she hitches her wagon to Scarface's star by hosing her down and burying her face in Carmen's pussy and letting the future crime lord fuck her with a dildo!

Lady Scarface - Scene 3: Some Fuckin' Money

Release Date: 12/26/2018 | Length: 14:40

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: Rod Fontana's got what Lady Scarface wants - he's a big wheel with some big money, and he also has Ice La Fox as a henchman. Rod and Ice blow off steam in between their criminal activities when she traps him between her legs and lets him gobble to his heart's content, then takes on his big dick in every position.

Lady Scarface - Scene 4: The Big Score

Release Date: 01/07/2019 | Length: 28:26

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: On the trail of a big score, Lady Scarface gets in some trouble; a double-double cross goes wrong, and she ends up at gunpoint toughing it out - but her henchman isn't so lucky. She ends up on top, though, and since she's got the win, she decides to go straight to the big boss - who just happens to be fucking Mikayla Mendez at the moment.

Lady Scarface - Scene 5: The Good Life

Release Date: 01/17/2019 | Length: 21:51

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: The big boss thinks Toni Montana has some talent, and he thinks she ought to be working directly for him. She likes the look of the big time - good booze, big mansions, and big money, not to mention hot people to fuck. Emilianna and Christian XXX show her what she's missing with a sizzling fuck at Tommy Gunn's mansion.

Lady Scarface - Scene 6: Moving On Up

Release Date: 01/27/2019 | Length: 27:31

Cast: Shyla Stylez

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: Toni gets sent down to Colombia to set up some deals, and her encounter with the big man down there is educational, to say the least. Ben English wants to move more product faster, and he wants more money and commitment than he's been getting. He's used to getting what he wants, and what he wants right now is a threesome with Angel Cassidy and Shyla Stylez.

Lady Scarface - Scene 7: Showing the Strain

Release Date: 02/06/2019 | Length: 20:08

Cast: Ava Rose, Tommy Gunn

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: The money's piling up, along with the drugs, and there's plenty to go around for everyone. There's plenty of pussy, too, and Tommy Gunn is getting busy with Ava Rose while business gets better. It's good to be the boss, especially with a hottie like that to command - at least, it is until people start getting greedy...

Lady Scarface - Scene 8: Coming to a Bad End

Release Date: 02/20/2019 | Length: 35:11

Cast: Carmen Luvana

Categories: Parody, Romance

Description: It's always tough at the top - everybody wants what you've got, and the stress can be a bitch. Toni can also be a bitch, which is hard on her colleagues and doesn't inspire a lot of confidence from her bosses. She's making her own deals, though, and dealing with stress in her own way. Right now, that means fucking the hitman sent to take care of her, and saying hello to his little friend. Come on - you knew that was coming.

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