The Seduction of Heidi

The Seduction of Heidi

Release Date: August 20, 2018

Cast: Bridgette B

When eager, naive Heidi (Whitney Wright) takes an entry-level job as a production assistant for a large fashion company, it isn't as glamorous as she was hoping for, but all that changes when she meets the handsome, powerful CEO, Warren Kaiser (Ryan Driller). He offers her the chance to be his personal assistant, but there's just one catch - she has to be ready for anything, including her sexual surrender as his submissive to play out their erotic fantasies. With Kaiser as her dominant guide, Heidi embarks on a carnal journey exploring their kinkiest desires, from spanking to clit paddling, handcuffs, ball gags, anal and so much more.

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 1: Moving On Up

Release Date: August 20, 2018 | Length: 20:57

Cast: Bridgette B

Categories: 18+, Big Boobs, Blonde, Group Sex, Romance

Description: As an intern at a house of high fashion, Heidi (Whitney Wright) is plagued by prima donnas and coworkers throwing her under the bus, but meeting the boss makes up for all of it. While Bridgette B. and Aaliyah Love are satisfying their immediate physical lusts by fucking the daylights out of Lenny the production assistant, Heidi is making career moves with Mr. Kaiser, the owner.

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 2: Binding Contract

Release Date: August 30, 2018 | Length: 00:09

Categories: 18+, Brunette, Romance

Description: Heidi's first day on her new job as executive assistant to Mr. Kaiser is a whirlwind - aside from the stylist who shows up to give her a mani-pedi at her desk, the boss has some firm ideas about how his assistant should be dressed, so Heidi finds herself getting fitted for new work clothes by the boss's personal dresser. All the glamour comes with a price, though - a very personal contract that requires some very personal things. Heidi's new job offers some benefits she could never have imagined.

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 3: Turncoat

Release Date: September 09, 2018 | Length: 23:38

Categories: Big Boobs, Brunette, Romance

Description: Kaiser's interest in his new personal assistant is taking up a lot of his attention, so some of his employees are getting restless - especially Ann Paxton (Romi Rain), one of his premier designers. Ann's not feeling challenged and wants to stir up some controversy, and her overtures to Kaiser's rival is explicit and urgent. Eric Masterson wants her designs, but he also wants her body - and she's ready to give him every inch to seal the deal.

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 4: Toybox

Release Date: September 19, 2018 | Length: 36:06

Categories: Brunette, Romance

Description: Heidi is settling into her job, reaping the benefits of being so close to a powerful man who desires her, but things take a new turn when he presents her with a box full of toys he wants to use on her. As she opens the box to reveal handcuffs, a ball-gag, a blindfold, and a brand-new high-end vibrator, she realizes that she's playing a whole new game.

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 5: Three's Company

Release Date: September 29, 2018 | Length: 24:04

Categories: Big Boobs, Brunette, Group Sex, Romance

Description: Ann Paxton's meeting with Kaiser, in which she announces her intention of breaking her contract and seeking employment elsewhere, leaves her in high spirits and feeling frisky, so after some cryptic words to a baffled Heidi, Ann heads downstairs to accost Lenny and the new male model Alex. The insatiable Romi Rain takes on both of these hard studs in a sweaty, climactic farewell to Kaiser and his company.

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 6: Discovery

Release Date: October 09, 2018 | Length: 26:15

Categories: 18+, Brunette, Romance

Description: Kaiser wants to know what Heidi's passions are, and they start out talking about her ambitions in fashion, but when he comes over to her apartment to look at her portfolio, more raw animal passions come to the surface very quickly. Heidi finds out more about BDSM and what it means to be a sub, and Kaiser finds out a lot more about Heidi as they explore her capabilities and limits together.

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 7: City of Light

Release Date: October 21, 2018 | Length: 25:07

Categories: 18+, Brunette, Fetish, Romance

Description: Kaiser warned Heidi that he does a lot of last minute traveling, but she never imagined that she'd be going along to Paris so he can show her designs to some of his biggest buyers. Kaiser thinks she has some talent in fashion design as well as in some other areas, and she gets to exercise both in a beautiful hotel in the world's most romantic city.

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