Beautiful Strangers

Beautiful Strangers

Release Date: 07/17/2018

Cast: Elsa Jean, Casey Calvert, Ana Foxxx

Four professional women (Elsa Jean, Anna Foxxx, Casey Calvert and Ayumi Anime) cut loose in a gorgeous sun-drenched tourist town. They play hooky from a business conference and go wild for hot hook-ups with Beautiful Strangers and each other! This summer sex fest has a sexy surprise ending in store. Don't miss out!!!

Beautiful Strangers - Scene 1: Beach Blanket Bingo

Release Date: 07/17/2018 | Length: 19:05

Categories: Asian, Brunette, Romance

Description: Elsa Jean, Casey Calvert, Ayumi Anime, and Ana Foxxx are coworkers at one of LA's most exclusive spas, and their boss has sent them off to Santa Barbara for a weekend seminar on how to handle wealthy VIP guests. Once they get there, though, all four decide to play hooky from the seminar and enjoy the sun and surf - and the sex! Ayumi Anime starts off her weekend right with a leisurely afternoon on a secluded beach where she can strip down and attend to her personal needs with her fingers under the beautiful California sun.

Beautiful Strangers - Scene 2: Bumping into a New Friend

Release Date: 07/27/2018 | Length: 33:46

Cast: Elsa Jean

Categories: Blonde, Romance

Description: Elsa Jean's weekend starts off with a bang when she runs into a cute stranger while she's riding her rented bike around town. He invites her back to his beach house for a drink, but the only thing she wants is his cock. The two of them don't waste any time with small talk - Elsa is ready to play as soon as they get inside, and Tyler isn't about to say no to the gorgeous blonde stranger.

Beautiful Strangers - Scene 3: Dueling Fingers

Release Date: 08/08/2018 | Length: 36:42

Categories: Asian, Brunette, Lesbian, Romance

Description: After Ayumi washes off the sand from her solo beach playtime scene, Olive Glass, the hotel masseuse, comes in to give her a treat. Since Ayumi's a masseuse herself, she can't just lie there and take it. Olive's hands are soft, but Ayumi wants more than her hands. She trades massages and more with the gorgeous brunette in a sexy lesbian lickfest that ends in orgasms for everyone.

Beautiful Strangers - Scene 4: Crush

Release Date: 08/16/2018 | Length: 39:46

Cast: Casey Calvert, Elsa Jean

Categories: Blonde, Brunette, Lesbian, Romance

Description: When the girls get together for drinks after their days out, Elsa tells Casey and Ana about her beach house adventure with hunky Tyler, on;y to see Casey mope off to bed early. Ana chides Elsa, telling her that Casey likes her and probably wasn't all that happy to hear about Elsa hooking up with someone else. Next morning, Elsa, who isn't sure she knows enough about girls to be a satisfying partner for Casey, gives it her best shot and finds out that she's just as good with girls as she is with guys.

Beautiful Strangers - Scene 5: The Perfect End to the Perfect Weekend

Release Date: 08/26/2018 | Length: 34:24

Cast: Ana Foxxx

Categories: Brunette, Interracial, Romance

Description: Ana Foxxx can tell from the quality of Ryan's cigar, when she runs into him on the beach, that he's a discerning man with good taste. After a little flirting, she lets him know that it's not his cigar she wants in her mouth. They go back to her hotel room, hurry out of their clothes, and get down to the business of appreciating each other's finest qualities.

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