Bree's Big Campout

Bree's Big Campout

Release Date: 05/18/2018

Cast: Bree Olson

Bree Olson helps out pitching a tent, and then some! Her outdoor adventure with all of her horny friends is filled with kink and chaos! Horniness and hilarity ensue when Bree convinces her closest chums that nature is cool, but not even a creepy forest ranger can dampen their desire!

Bree's Big Campout - Scene 1: Farewell to Civilization

Release Date: 05/18/2018 | Length: 23:20

Cast: Bree Olson

Categories: Blonde, Romance

Description: Bree's off to a sexy camping trip with friends, and her boyfriend is lamenting the fact that the're not going to be able to get any alone time for a while. Whatever will they do? Well, a sexy sendoff where they have as much sex as they can stand before parting ways sounds good to both of them; they take turns going down on each other and then fuck like bunnies until they're exhausted.

Bree's Big Campout - Scene 2: Rescued

Release Date: 05/28/2018 | Length: 12:37

Categories: 18+, Brunette, Romance

Description: Once out at the campground, Annette Allen is definitely one of the popular girls with the ranch hands, but she's got fresher meat to pay attention to. Chris rescues her from the attentions of dirty old Dirty Harry, and a grateful Annette rewards him with some sexy play by the tents. The lithe brunette fulfills Chris's dreams of getting laid outdoors!

Bree's Big Campout - Scene 3: Mutual Comfort

Release Date: 06/07/2018 | Length: 25:48

Categories: Brunette, Romance

Description: Spooked by the creepy park ranger and further discomfited by the howling of the local wolves, Alexis Breeze and Faye Reagan find themselves huddled in their tent and doing their best to ignore the forest noises and make it through to the morning. The night looks long and dark, but when they discover that neither of them brought a boy along for company, they dive into each other for warmth - and for pleasure!

Bree's Big Campout - Scene 4: Starstruck

Release Date: 06/17/2018 | Length: 21:19

Categories: 18+, Brunette, Romance

Description: When the girls are out on a hike and find a pool, they strip down and jump in, but when the owner comes out asking what's up with all you damn kids, they run off - all except for Jenny Hendrix, who's thrilled to discover they've trespassed on the land of one of her favorite rock stars, a reclusive hermit who hasn't seen a groupie in a while. Turns out he's missed the rock star life...

Bree's Big Campout - Scene 5: Grand Finale

Release Date: 06/27/2018 | Length: 22:05

Cast: Bree Olson

Categories: 18+, Blonde, Romance

Description: Bree finds herself under siege by two of the guys who came camping, and she's ready to take them both on! Danny Wylde and Frankie Young can't believe their luck, but Bree doesn't have time for reflection - she wants cocks and she wants them now. The boys go nuts for her big, full, sexy tits, and soon the woods are echoing to the sounds of Bree's big, full, sexy orgasms as she rides two cocks to heaven.

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