American Heroes 2

American Heroes 2

Release Date: 05/12/2018

Cast: Alexis Ford, Amy Brooke, Gracie Glam, Rocco Reed, Anthony Rosano, Jack Lawrence

To protect, serve and fornicate! Join the lusty men and women that put on the uniform day after day just so they can take it all off! Sultry Alexis Ford leads a cast of more than willing troops onto the front lines of sex!

American Heroes 2 - Scene 1: The Fireman

Release Date: 05/12/2018 | Length: 24:09

Cast: Alexis Ford

Categories: Romance

Description: When busty blonde Alexis Ford wakes up to find that faulty wiring has started a fire in her house, she's sure the end is near, but hunky fireman Chris Johnson appears in her bedroom just in time to save her. How can she let his heroism go unrewarded? Obviously, she can't! The home cooked meal she offers him by way of thanks turns into something much hotter, and this time it's his house that has a fire burning in the living room!

American Heroes 2 - Scene 2: The Cop

Release Date: 05/22/2018 | Length: 24:04

Cast: Rocco Reed

Categories: Romance

Description: Kita Zen decides to come home early from work and make a nice salad for dinner, but she arrives to find an intruder going through the place. Luckily, she has the presence of mind to call 911, and the cops, in the person of sexy Rocco Reed, capture the intruder - and her heart! Well, not just her heart - moments after the takedown, Kita has a mouthful of cop, and she shows her gratitude with an energetic fuck that the officer will never forget.

American Heroes 2 - Scene 3: The Lifeguard

Release Date: 06/01/2018 | Length: 28:24

Cast: Amy Brooke, Anthony Rosano

Categories: Romance

Description: It's Anthony Rosano's first time at the beach this year, and he's forgotten about the riptides at Malibu. Luckily for him, Amy Brooke is on duty, and she gets to him just in time to keep him from going under. Going down is a different matter, though - while he's being revived by her strong hands and hot mouth, he has a little fantasy about how he might express his gratitude.

American Heroes 2 - Scene 4: The Sergeant

Release Date: 06/11/2018 | Length: 28:30

Cast: Alexis Ford

Categories: Romance

Description: Sergeant Thomas (Alexis Ford) is distraught, remembering how her best friend Sergeant Roberts (Silvia Saint) jumped on a grenade to save her troops. But the sadness of that memory is palliated by the memories of how inspiring Roberts was - and of how they spent their nights before the tragedy. When Roberts appears in a dream and wants one last tryst, Sergeant Thomas is happy to send her off into the great hereafter with love.

American Heroes 2 - Scene 5: The Pilot

Release Date: 06/21/2018 | Length: 23:38

Cast: Gracie Glam, Jack Lawrence

Categories: Romance

Description: A sudden series of air pockets leaves Captain Jack Lawrence with two stalled engines and a planeload of panicked passengers, but cool heads and strict adherence to procedure make the difference. Captain Jack isn't getting away without the hero's due, though - passenger Gracie Glam is determined to show her gratitude in any way she can, including giving him everything a man could want from a sexy young jet-setter.

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