Girl Number 9

Girl Number 9

Release Date: 04/04/2018

Meet Vanessa (Dolly Leigh), a shy college student who holds down an office job by day and is a phone sex operator by night. As she struggles to connect with her horny callers, a potent sex vixen begins to emerge underneath her quiet demeanor and Vanessa soon embraces her deepest desires without shame or limits! The girl in cubicle #9 is ready to take your call...

Girl Number 9 - Scene 01: Over the Wire

Release Date: 04/04/2018 | Length: 19:26

Categories: 18+, Romance

Description: Angel (Dolly Leigh) leads a pretty quiet life by day; a student in law school, she keeps her head down and tries to get through each day in the tough world a woman has to face - getting hit on while she tries to study, working hard to pass her classes. After school, though, she sits down to work as Girl Number Nine, a smooth-talking, sexy voice on the line for anonymous callers like Jerry, who wants to get off and doesn't mind paying a fee to listen to a sultry woman's moans of ecstasy. As she tells him what she likes, her mind drifts to visions of what it would be like to have real sex with an eager stud.

Girl Number 9 - Scene 2: Girl Number 5

Release Date: 04/14/2018 | Length: 13:39

Categories: 18+, Romance

Description: Angel's a little worn out from her call, so Marybeth (Melissa Moore) takes the next one. It's a hot one, and as Marybeth talks to her new phone lover, she imagines a hot, sweaty fuck with Ryan Driller. He's hard and ready, and she needs a man who knows what he's doing. She guides her customer through a smoking hot session, and they both get off together.

Girl Number 9 - Scene 3: Girl Number 7

Release Date: 04/22/2018 | Length: 21:30

Categories: 18+, Romance

Description: Angel's classmate Bill seems to have stumbled on her work life, but does he know who she really is? Angel tells him never to call her again, but something in her is still intrigued. Meanwhile, Sable (Alexa Grace) in the Girl Number 5 room is tired of passing on Angel's special request stalker and decides to take some of her frustrations out on one of her regulars. Donnie Rock is surprised that she's so aggressive, but he's ready to help with her needs.

Girl Number 9 - Scene 4: Girl Number 3

Release Date: 05/04/2018 | Length: 13:21

Categories: 18+, Romance

Description: Another encounter with Bill leaves Angel wondering if he's maybe not so bad. Meanwhile Gina (Daisy Stone) takes a call from Jay Smooth, who has some fantasies he'd like to discuss about coming into her house and finding her at her desk on the phone. What a coincidence! When he appears at her door and finds her playing with her pussy, she invites him in to help!

Girl Number 9 - Scene 5: Girl Number 9

Release Date: 05/14/2018 | Length: 15:56

Categories: 18+, Romance

Description: Angel gives some thought to what she wants out of life, and the smartest guy in the class wooing her with flowers and a romantic dinner is pretty near the top of the list. Angel takes Bill up on his offer of a date, and once she makes up her mind to take the plunge, she finds out that an evening with a man who thinks she's the girl of his dreams isn't too different from a good day at work on the phone sex lines.

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