Big City Nights

Big City Nights

Rating: 4.1

Release Date: 03/17/2018

Cast: Sophia Lynn

Trailer trash babe is going to be transformed into a high-class piece of ass. This girl is tired of country life where guys want to move slowly. She moves to the city to become the vixen she always wanted to be.

Big City Nights - Scene 1: Communications Breakdown

Release Date: 03/17/2018 | Length: 34:36

Description: Joe Fred (Evan Stone) is supposed to be working at the garage, and his girlfriend (Sophia Lynn) wants him to come over right away for his favorite macaroni and cheese and sloppy joes, but he's been delayed by a much hotter prospect at work - Jenaveve Jolie is stripping down and going to town on his dipstick, and what's a man supposed to do? The coveralls come off and he gets his hands dirty on the sexy city girl. Unfortunately, he doesn't make sure to hang up the phone, and his girlfriend hears every thrust!

Categories: Romance

Big City Nights - Scene 2: Personal Assistant

Release Date: 03/27/2018 | Length: 26:52

Starring: Sophia Lynn

Description: By the time Joe Fred gets home, Sophia has left town looking for a better life in the big city. She applies for a job as a personal assistant to a B-movie scream queen Linda Lame (Mikayla Mendez) who, it turns out, is looking for a good pussy-eater to keep her happy in between takes. Sophia's never tried it, but she's game, and they discover that cunnilingus is one of her natural talents. It's just a bonus when Fernando shows up sporting some major wood to help out. He likes eating pussy too, but the girls have moved on, and Fernando becomes the focus of a delicious M/F/F threesome that proves Sophia can hold her own in the big city.

Categories: Romance

Big City Nights - Scene 3: Negotiations

Release Date: 04/06/2018 | Length: 21:52

Description: Famous Actor Todd Schmooze (Steven St. Croix) is about to go into a meeting with Linda Lame about his new movie, and he really wants to fuck her, so his secretary Becky (Miko Sinz) offers to help him take the edge off before the meeting so he can focus. The sexy, savvy Becky gets an extra five days off a year in return for giving him access to the sexy booty he's been staring at all day every day. She works him hard in every position they can think of and then drains him in a huge facial just before Linda Lame arrives, but he still can't concentrate - especially with her hot new blonde personal assistant right there. Linda gets the part, and all it costs her is a date with Sophia.

Categories: Romance

Big City Nights - Scene 4: Date Night

Release Date: 04/16/2018 | Length: 27:27

Description: Todd takes Sophia to one of LA's hottest sex clubs for their date, now that she's learned that everything in Hollywood is about sex transactions. The pragmatic small-town girl isn't shocked at all, and in between fending off Todd's roving hands, she watches as Vanessa Lane and Anthony Hardwood put on a hell of a show on the sex club's main stage. She strips down, they demonstrate their oral skills, and Todd Schmooze gets hornier and hornier as Sophia keeps pushing him off. After the show ends with a huge facial, they head back to his place, where he makes his play. She has demands if he wants to get in her panties, though - and he really does.

Categories: Romance

Big City Nights - Scene 5: Big Dreams

Release Date: 04/26/2018 | Length: 26:03

Starring: Sophia Lynn

Description: A year later, after Sophia has starred in Todd Schmooze's latest blockbuster and accepted her awards, she's such a big star that she can do anything she wants. How is it, then, that she ends up fucking her old boyfriend Joe Fred? If you want to find out how she ends up back in bed with Evan Stone slapping his meaty cock all over her big sexy tits and spreading wide for his dirty small-town mechanic dick, you'll just have to watch the last scene! you won't mind, though - it's a hot one!

Categories: Romance

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