Release Date: January 26, 2018

Cast: Britney Amber, Mia Li, Chanel Preston, Ryan Driller, Derrick Pierce

Most primal passion on reality TV. Despite the cold hunger and harsh environment of reality TV show, Jackson (Derrick Pierce) and Cadence (Britney Amber) thrive on their intense sexual chemistry. Back in the real world, Cadence tries to rekindle their steamy adventures. Trouble is, she has a boyfriend (Donnie Rock) and Jackson shares a gorgeous girlfriend (Chanel Preston) with his roommate (Ryan Driller). Will Cadence pursue Jackson or stay with Donnie? Get Naked and find out!

Naked - Scene 1: Thank You for Your Support

Release Date: January 26, 2018 | Length: 31:19

Cast: Britney Amber

Categories: Romance

Description: Cadence loves the outdoors - hunting, fishing, hiking, any kind of outdoor activity - so when she has a chance to audition for a reality show that will put her out in the wilderness naked with a stranger, she's very excited - but her boyfriend isn't all that happy about it. He agrees to support her, though, and she's so grateful that she rewards him with the last fuck he's going to have until she gets back from the show. She really makes it worth his while.

Naked - Scene 2: Crew Party

Release Date: February 03, 2018 | Length: 37:20

Cast: Mia Li

Categories: Romance

Description: Cadence is as ready as she'll ever be, so she strips down and sets out on the trail as the production team watches her go. Once she's met her adventure partner Jackson (Derrick Pierce) and the first day is in the can, the film crew celebrates with some wild life of their own. Crew chief Dani (Mia Li) takes on camera man Small Hands and sound man Logan Long in an impromptu threesome in a tent while they wait for the next day's work to start.

Naked- Scene 3: Busy Signal

Release Date: February 13, 2018 | Length: 35:50

Cast: Chanel Preston, Derrick Pierce, Ryan Driller

Categories: Romance

Description: Reflecting on the twists and turns of the show, Cadence wishes she could be in closer touch with Jackson. In spite of his unconventional take on relationships, she felt a closeness with him that she'd like to recapture. When she tries calling him, though, he can't pick up the phone, since he's embroiled in a hot threesome with his lover (Chanel Preston) and her lover (Ryan Driller). The phone rings again and again, but what he's involved in is much more compelling than a ringing phone.

Naked - Scene 4: Primal

Release Date: February 25, 2018 | Length: 24:17

Cast: Britney Amber, Derrick Pierce

Categories: Romance

Description: As the air date for their first episode draws nearer, Cadence reconnects with Jackson, and the two reminisce about the intimacy they shared when the camera crew weren't filming - or at least she hopes they weren't filming. The two of them watch the premiere with their respective partners, but they're both thinking about how they connected when they were alone together.

Naked - Scene 5: Revelation

Release Date: March 07, 2018 | Length: 40:31

Cast: Chanel Preston, Ryan Driller

Categories: Romance

Description: On a surprise visit to Jackson's home, Cadence finds out that he's poly-amorous and lives with his girlfriend and her other lover. Roxanne chides Jackson for not telling Cadence before and sends him off to make it right. While he's away, she shares a torrid fuck with Zane, and takes pictures so Jackson will know they're thinking of him. As Jackson explains to Cadence that he can love more than one person, she comes to accept that maybe there's more to life than she suspected.

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