Agent 69

Agent 69

Release Date: October 12, 2017

Beautiful secret agent Eva Lovia is smart and sexy, but when a gorgeous hacker, Ozone (Elsa Jean), breaks into government computers to steal vital secret files, she throws caution to the wind and hooks up with agent Kessler (Mick Blue). With their skills and cunning charms, the couple must come together to stop Ozone and her tempting associate before the stolen files fall into enemy hands!

Agent 69 - Scene 1: Kickoff

Release Date: October 12, 2017 | Length: 47:36

Categories: Romance

Description: Eva Lovia's the right-hand girl for a high-powered spymaster, and there's trouble that needs handling. A vital file has been stolen from a safe house, and a hacker named Ozone has taken off with the information. She has to be stopped before she gets to the Russians, and Mick Blue is the man to do it. Eva delivers the information about the hacker in person, and Mick takes the opportunity for a little R&R before the job starts, boning the courier - Eva's happy to do anything that ensures a successful mission!

Agent 69 - Scene 2: Girl Time

Release Date: October 24, 2017 | Length: 30:36

Categories: Romance

Description: Agent Eva stops by to visit Alex Harper to ask if she's had any contact with Ozone, but the sexy spy lost track of the data thief a while ago. It's not a wasted trip, though - Eva gets Alex into her living room and makes contact with her gorgeous body on a comfy couch by the fire. The two spies strip down for each other and make sweet love, although, ironically given Eva's codename, they do not 69. Theres plenty of 66ing, though, and both girls have multiple orgasms. It's a nice way to decompress from the stress of being an international spy!

Agent 69 - Scene 3: Tail

Release Date: November 01, 2017 | Length: 44:29

Categories: Romance

Description: Mick's job as an international spy appears to be nothing but an excuse for getting in contact with hot female agents, as he proves by trailing code name Foxtail (Honey Gold) throughout he subway system and into the night. When she finally stops moving, he makes contact, and they head back to her apartment to make some real contact. After a couple of whiskies, she retires to slip into something more comfortable; he slips into her computer, her files, and then into code name Foxtail herself.

Agent 69 - Scene 4: Victory Celebration

Release Date: November 15, 2017 | Length: 50:14

Categories: Romance

Description: Foxtail (Honey Gold) brokers a deal with Ozone (Elsa Jean) to sell the stolen data back to the CIA; Ozone's going to make less money, but she also won't get tracked down and killed by CIA agents, so she has to call it a win. By way of celebration, the two sexy outlaws take a limo to a private club and spend some quality time earning Agent 69's code name. It's just too bad the CIA agent isn't there to see it. Still, the girls do their best.

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