Badass School Girls 3

Badass School Girls 3

Release Date: July 06, 2015

Cast: Stephanie Cane, Naomi Cruise, Kiara Diane

The latest graduates! Sexy, fresh-faced school girls study hard and fuck even harder. ABCs aren't the only hard lessons learned when we unleash the super-hot, cock-crazed students to teach you the golden rule!

Badass School Girls 3 - Scene 1: Sweet Cookie

Release Date: July 06, 2015 | Length: 26:19

Categories: Brunette, Fetish, 18+

Description: Haley Sweet is doing the rounds selling Badass Schoolgirl Cookies, and when she stops by Derrick Pierce's house, he's only too happy to dive into her open box. Haley knows he likes the way her cookie tastes, and she lets him go a lot farther than a good scout should, but what she's hiding under that little plaid skirt is better than any thin mints he's ever had. He wouldn't take no for an answer, but luckily she's not inclined to turn him down. In the end, it's not the cookies that end up frosted.

Badass School Girls 3 - Scene 2: Anatomy Lesson

Release Date: July 16, 2015 | Length: 25:38

Categories: Brunette, 18+

Description: Amia Moretti says she doesn't understand anatomy, but she's clearly been studying, because she knows exactly where her hands and her mouth should be. Cheyne is hard-pressed to resist her advances, and then he's just hard, as Amia sets him back on his desk and then shows him what she's learned about peristalsis and lubrication. Amia's lesson in how the reproductive system works might be the most fun anyone's ever had in a classroom!

Badass School Girls 3 - Scene 3: Book Learnin'

Release Date: July 26, 2015 | Length: 29:10

Cast: Stephanie Cane

Categories: Fetish, 18+

Description: Stephanie Cane is studying up on her Sex Education homework, but there's nothing like hands-on experience to get you familiar with the subject material. When her brother's best friend stops by for a visit, she seizes the opportunity to practice on a live model, instead of reading more dusty chapters in her book, and Barrett is only too happy to help out. Turns out she's a natural, and she can't wait till finals roll around!

Badass School Girls 3 - Scene 4: Steamy Daydream

Release Date: August 03, 2015 | Length: 22:30

Cast: Naomi Cruise

Categories: Big Boobs, Blonde, Fetish, 18+

Description: Naomi Cruise must have been up late last night, because she's nodding off in class. Her dry, boring book is no match for daydreaming about her hot teacher, and the second her head hits the desk, she's thinking about his hands, his mouth, and his big cock. All of a sudden, the classroom gets a lot steamier as her dream about Mr. Cannon heats up, and Naomi learns some brand new lessons about anatomy.

Badass School Girls 3 - Scene 5: Homework

Release Date: August 10, 2015 | Length: 21:55

Cast: Kiara Diane

Categories: Blonde, Fetish

Description: Boys are so slow sometimes, even if they're Mensa members - Kiara Diane has to resort to pouring water down her own front as an excuse for getting her shirt off, since Aaron Wilcoxxx isn't doing his share of the seducing. Once she gets herself half-naked, though, even the nerdiest of nerds knows what to do, and soon the counter where they've been studying has been swept clean of books to provide space for her to spread her legs instead of their study materials. Her shirt, it turns out, wasn't the only thing that was wet and needing attention.

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