Release Date: October 06, 2016

Cast: Jenevieve Hexxx, Christi Ann, Alison Rey, Mercedes Carrera, Mia Li, Leya Falcon, Marcus London

Fun! Food! Passion! We're ready to turn up the heat! Forked is a new reality-based cooking show featuring the best cooks in adult film. Directed by award-winning filmmaker, Kay Brandt, Forked invites you into the kitchen as well as the bedroom. Come feast with the gorgeous cast and watch them show off their passionate skill sets in this wild, delicious, sexy new show from Adam and Eve Pictures.

Forked - Scene 1: Christi Ann gets "Forked"

Release Date: October 06, 2016 | Length: 04:27

Cast: Christi Ann, Jenevieve Hexxx

Categories: Big Boobs, Blonde, Lesbian

Description: Christi and Jenevieve preheat the oven, and each other, before preparing their favorite dishes in this first installment of the new reality-based cooking show featuring the best cooks in adult film.

Forked - Scene 2: Dick and Alison

Release Date: October 12, 2016 | Length: 50:08

Cast: Alison Rey

Categories: Brunette

Description: Dick Chibbles and Alison Rey get heated up at the dinner table watching Jenavieve Hexxx's sultry, sexy dance, and she protests as he slides his hand up her skirt, but they end up in the bedroom PDQ, inspired by the show. He undresses her slowly and takes his time with her, but things happen fast anyway, and it's not long before she's bouncing on his cock, all thoughts of dinner forgotten.

Forked - Scene 3: Mercedes, Tony and Marcus

Release Date: October 18, 2016 | Length: 36:24

Cast: Mercedes Carrera, Marcus London

Categories: Big Boobs, Group Sex

Description: Mercedes Carrera loves a man who can cook, so imagine how she feels about having two of them at once! Marcus London and Tony De Sergio prepare a dish of chicken in a wine sauce, but the chicken breasts take a back seat to Mercedes' amazing F-cups when the sight of the two men bustling in the kitchen makes her as hot as the ovens. Marcus and Tony team up to satisfy her hunger in the bedroom while the food is cooking in the kitchen.

Forked - Scene 4: Mercedes and Lia

Release Date: October 26, 2016 | Length: 51:57

Cast: Mercedes Carrera, Mia Li

Categories: Asian, Big Boobs, Group Sex

Description: Kicking off Day 2 of Mercedes' sexy show about food and fucking, Mercedes and Asian hottie Mia Li help former chef Damon Dice put together a power breakfast - the kind of sausage and veggie scramble that helps adult performers get through a long, hard day. The girls learn some things about the kitchen, but after ward, they make use of the protein and energy they've gotten to ravish Damon and each other.

Forked - Scene 5: Damon and Leya

Release Date: November 05, 2016 | Length: 13:02

Cast: Leya Falcon

Categories: Big Boobs, Blonde

Description: Mercedes' frittata looks delicious, but not as delicious as her cleavage, and when Mia Li joins her to make a mixed berry crisp, the kitchen gets twice as hot. Leya Falcon and Damon Dice cook up some cornbread and fried chicken, but the main event comes when Damon and Leya move to the bedroom so he can handle her legs and breasts without fear of getting hot oil on his cock.

Featured Stars from "Forked"

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