The Four

Added: May 07, 2016

This sweeping, imaginative historical epic from legendary director Michael Ninn might just change your idea of what porn can be! The tale of four women charged by the gods to avenge the deaths of the three hundred Spartan warriors killed defending the pass at Thermopylae from the Persian tyrant Xerxes, The Four was years in the making and represents the best of what porn has to offer. With an all-star cast, astonishing special effects, and a story straight out of legend, The Four is a spectacle for the ages!

  • The Four - Scene 8: The Next Generation of Spartans

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    Added: May 07, 2016

    The Four have finally assembled at the battlefield, ready to take their revenge on Xerxes. Gorgo takes Salamis and Mikaela to the fight, but orders Plataea - the youngest of them - to remain behind, to tell the tale in Sparta when the fallen cannot. Plataea chafes at being excluded from the battle, but learns that she will carry back to Sparta not just a story, but a child who will one day be king there.

  • The Four - Scene 7: The Priestess' Last Gift

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    Added: Apr 29, 2016

    As the Four converge on Xerxes' capital, they find an unexpected ally waiting for them. The High Priestess of Persia, once the God-King's sharpest weapon, has turned from him after her disgrace and mistreatment, and she welcomes the marauding Queen Gorgo with open arms and open legs. The two share the power of their womanhood and, the priestess gives Gorgo the last of the strength she will need to battle Xerxes.

  • The Four - Scene 6: Salamis

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    Added: Apr 23, 2016

    As Salamis makes her own way to Persia to exact revenge on Xerxes for his violation of Sparta's manhood, she stops by the road to rest, grieve, and reflect on the loss of a generation of warriors who she, as a midwife, helped bring into the world. A mysterious warrior, representing renewal and the pride of Sparta, stops to share her camp, and the two take comfort in each other as the fire blazes.

  • The Four - Scene 5: Fallen Priestess

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    Added: Apr 17, 2016

    Xerxes' High Priestess, who promised him her powers would stop the Four from coming to Persia, has failed, and sacrificed his elite Royal Guard for nothing. The mighty god-king casts her down to entertain his servants and uses her body like a common slave-girl, ensuring that her once-fierce loyalty will turn to spite and resentment. As the Four draw nearer, Xerxes masks his growing unease with debauchery and betrayal of the ones who once worshipped him.

  • The Four - Scene 4: Maycale's Journey

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    Added: Apr 11, 2016

    As she makes her way to Xerxes' kingdom, walking the path that will take her to her part in the Spartan women's vengeance, Maycale passes by the battlefield of Thermopylae and stops to pay her last respects to her lover's body; with the powers vouchsafed her by the gods, she brings him back from the dead for one last hour of passion to send him to the next world with a final memory of love and pleasure instead of pain and death.

  • The Four - Scene 3: Whistling Past the Gates

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    Added: Apr 05, 2016

    As Xerxes basks in the glory of his defeat of Leonidas and the Spartans, he has a vision of his own demise. Shaken, the mighty Persian monarch summons Maya Gates, Tristan Kingsley and Veronica Jett to comfort him. As they put on a show fit for a god-king, Xerxes allows Alexis Love to minister to his royal needs and his royal cock, hoping to take his mind off his fear of the coming reckoning.

  • The Four - Scene 2: Oracle's Pleasure

    Scene Details

    Added: Mar 30, 2016

    Gorgo, Maycale, Salamis, and Plataea have received their awesome powers, but a price must be paid for such largesse from the gods; Jana Jordan and Amber Rayne are the sacrifices made to serve the cause of the Four, and they have to give themselves over to the oracle, who watches as they dedicate their sexual energy to the greater good. These two girl-loving girls put on a show that would leave Zeus himself weak-kneed and shaking.

  • The Four - Scene 1: Path of Vengeance

    Scene Details

    Added: Mar 24, 2016

    Queen Gorgo (Brea Bennett), sitting vigil by the body of her beloved King Leonidas, sees a vision of a Sparta conquered in battle by the wicked Persian tyrant Xerxes and ruled by greedy unworthies, and she vows it shall not be so. With the memory of her last night of passionate lovemaking with Leonidas fresh in her mind, Gorgo and her sisters seek guidance from the oracle and receive powers from the gods that will let them avenge the deaths of their men and avert disaster.



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