8th Day

The 8th Day

Added: Apr 01, 2016

In this post-apocalyptic erotic adventure, Samantha wakes from a cryogenic slumber to find that the world she used to know is gone. When a scrappy scavenger girl rescues her from the horrors of a ruined city overrun by lust-crazed subhumans, Samantha realizes that her only hope for salvation lies in the hands of a charismatic cult leader. But when Prince Amir discovers who this strange visitor from the past really is and decides that she must make the ultimate sacrifice, Samantha fears that her time is nearly up...

  • The 8th Day - Scene 8: The Last Hurrah

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    Added: Apr 01, 2016

    Summoned to the Prince's chambers after the shattering revelation that her father caused the Big Burn, Samantha attempts to please him sexually, only to discover that the catastrophe that gave him his unnatural longevity also rendered him impotent. He can's fuck her, but he still likes to watch, and he brings in a pair of servants to help her perform for him one last time. Cue the ominous music as the clock ticks down to the final moments of the 8th Day...

  • The 8th Day - Scene 7: Delights of the Oasis

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    Added: Mar 20, 2016

    After a sumptuous feast laid on to honor his guests, Prince Amir takes Sam in hand to tell her about his past and his powers; while he's dealing out revelations to the daughter of the scientist whose work changed the world, the guests at the royal feast take their pleasure with the staff in an orgy fit for...well, fit for a prince. Scavs, bounty hunters, servants and the Prince's favored courtiers get down and dirty at a climactic party.

  • The 8th Day - Scene 6: Cleansing

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    Added: Mar 14, 2016

    Mel's return from the city is a joy for the Prince, but he insists that while he inspects her trove of treasures, his favorite scavenger must be purged of the stink of technology before she can truly rejoin Elysium Fields. It sounds terrifying, but the procedure really just involves a pair of acolytes fucking her silly - getting her back into the earthy rhythms of nature, in tune with the new culture of sex that he preaches.

  • The 8th Day - Scene 5: Temptation

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    Added: Mar 08, 2016

    When Mel and Samantha finally make it to Elysium Fields, they stop to listen to the magnetically appealing Prince give a sermon about the dangers of technology, and then Mel scampers off to run an errand, leaving Samantha to watch a live sex show in one of the oasis's tents, where two women (Daryl Hanah and Violet Marcell) act out a parable of temptation and sin, using a sleeping man as their helpless pawn.

  • The 8th Day - Scene 4: Catfight

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    Added: Feb 29, 2016

    A history lesson on the state of the world is interrupted by the hissing and yowling that betokens the presence of a Gila raiding party. The Gilas are one of the savage tribes that infest the desert, and their women are snarling, clawing vixens. Watching from a safe distance, Mel and Samantha do their best to remain undetected as three of the Gila women (Bree Olson, Tori Black and Poppy Morgan) turn from biting to licking in an all-girl threesome that will redefine your idea of a how much fun a catfight can be.

  • The 8th Day - Scene 3: Captured

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    Added: Feb 19, 2016

    After Samantha flees the warehouse, she's captured by one of the ruined city's hunter/scavengers and taken to a desert outpost where her captor (Tyler Knight) stops in on his way to trade Samantha for water at an oasis. Tyler takes a moment with the shopkeeper's captive woman (Krissy Leigh), but his inattention is his loss - Mel (Amber Rayne), another scavenger, comes in to buy water and supplies, but takes the opportunity to liberate Samantha as well while Tyler gets his rocks off in the back room.

  • The 8th Day - Scene 2: Shelter

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    Added: Feb 13, 2016

    Samantha flees the lab after waking up to find that the men from her wake-up orgy have mutated into savage beasts, only to emerge into a deserted wasteland. As she wanders the shell of a city, she finds nothing of what she left, and as darkness falls, she stumbles onto a warehouse that also also shelters a gang of nomads. As Samantha watches, Jandi Lin, Kylie Ireland, and Derrick Pierce disport themselves in the ruins, but has to flee when a rival gang raids the warehouse.

  • The 8th Day - Scene 1: Awakening

    Scene Details

    Added: Feb 03, 2016

    Surprised and disoriented from her unexpected awakening in a deserted cryogenic chamber, Samantha (Kayden Kross) wanders out into a "brave new world" ruled by lust-crazed subhumans, where she immediately finds three erection-sporting men who are only too happy to ravish her. She's been asleep for a long time, and she's hungry for much more than just food.



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