Sex Toys for You and Your Lover

Sex Toys for You and Your Lover

Added: Jul 02, 2015

If you've ever read a book of instructions and wished it was maybe a little more lively and interactive, this is the movie for you. Adam and Eve's sexy catalog of erotic items includes more than just some of the industry's hottest movies, so what could be better than watching hot couples demonstrate the uses of our many high-quality toys and accessories? Whether it's a powerful vibe for her, a cock ring for him, or one of our wide selection of anal toys, pumps, harnesses or dildos, it'll be that much more fun to watch a sexy demonstration before you try it out yourself!

  • Sex Toys for You and Your Lover - Scene 6: Complete Fantasy Kits

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    Added: Jul 02, 2015

    Studies show that couples with open, adventurous sexual relationships have healthier, happier lives with less stress than other couples. Trying new things on a regular basis keeps your sex life from getting stagnant, and Adam and Eve toys are a great way to jump start that exploration. Penny and Preston try out some toys from kits for lovers, including a silver multispeed vibe, the Classics Prostate Stimulator (for use on both him and her!), Moist anal lube, the Triple Pleasure Rabbit, and a set of X-10 Anal Beads.

  • Sex Toys for You and Your Lover - Scene 5: Just the Girls

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    Added: Jun 22, 2015

    Not all couples consist of a man and a woman, and the dynamic involved with two women can be very, very different. Sometimes, two girls don't need any toys at all, but when they want them, they want good ones. Allie Haze and Kayla Kayden demonstrate some of Adam and Eve's most popular toys for the girl/girl market, including the Silky Slim Vibrator, the G-Luxe G-Spot vibe, harnessed and strapless versions of the strap-on dildo, and combinations of all of these great toys. You can't ignore how great fingers and tongues are, but science is improving on them all the time.

  • Sex Toys for You and Your Lover - Scene 4: One Hand Clapping

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    Added: Jun 10, 2015

    You don't need a partner to enjoy your own sexuality - all you have to do is reach into your drawer and grab hold of a good toy. Anal play for men is a taboo subject in a lot of places, but it's time to get the facts out in the light. Anal play is fun and feels good, no matter who you are, and toys to make it better are a surefire way to make the discoveries exciting. Anal beads, insertable vibrators, and inflatable butt plugs combined with cock rings and suction pumps can make a night by yourself a little slice of heaven - and you can take the time to learn about your body so you can teach a partner about it later.

  • Sex Toys for You and Your Lover - Scene 3: Special Stimulation

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    Added: May 29, 2015

    This episode focuses on the intimacy a couple can find using toys to discover new things about each others' bodies. As Michael and Karla use a flexible Kegel wand to find and explore Karla's G-Spot, they get a little anatomy lesson and learn to share some new sensations, including G-Spot orgasms and squirting. A pair of insertable balls also aids with PC muscle strength, but the woman isn't the only one with a special sensitive spot - Michael also lets Karla explore his prostate with more specialized toys like cock rings and prostate stimulators.

  • Sex Toys for You and Your Lover - Scene 2: All by Myself

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    Added: May 17, 2015

    Contrary to public opinion, or maybe just public opinion from the Victorian era, masturbation is beneficial in many ways, both emotionally and physically. Kendall Kayden demonstrates with some of the most popular toys for women, showing how the innovative designs can help maximize your enjoyment when you want to spend some quality time alone. Kendall shows how different toys can be used for different sensations and effects.

  • Sex Toys for You and Your Lover - Scene 1: The New New Thing

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    Added: May 01, 2015

    Vibrators aren't what they used to be - the simple, just-functional penis substitutes of yesteryear have been replaced by a range of different styles that cover the spectrum of possible uses, from teasing and light stimulation to specialized vibes for special places. Ryan Driller and Alexis Adams demonstrate several toys for him an her, showing how you can work these toys into nearly every part of your sex life. They explore various positions and toys in one of the most erotic how-to videos you'll ever see!



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