Hands On Experience

Hands On Experience

Added: Nov 23, 2015

Sometimes the sexiest thing in the world is a firm, soft pair of hands. All of the other body parts are great, and nobody loves full-on, all-out sex as much as we do, but a good handjob is a thing of beauty and a joy for about ten minutes. Eight girls in seven sexy scenes show off their handiwork in this celebration of the simplest of pleasures. Starring Abby Cross, Aleksa Nicole, Chloe Amour, Courtney Shea, Jasmine Caro, Jennifer White, Kendall Karson, and Kierra Wilde.

  • Hands On Experience - Scene 7: Come Quickly

    Scene Details

    Added: Nov 23, 2015

    Sometimes you want a wild little fling in the middle of the day, but you don't want to take up too much time, and that's when you want your lover to come quickly. Aleska Nicole takes her man out in the garden and lets him slide his cock between her gorgeous ass cheeks, and between her juicy tits, but really what she wants is for him to get off. The rush of a quick one exhilarates them both, and he can't keep himself from exploding - just what she wanted!

  • Hands On Experience - Scene 6: The Gardener's Tool

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    Added: Nov 07, 2015

    Poolboys and plumbers may be the standard objects of affection in porn movies, but there are other professions. The gardener, for example, spends all day in the hot sun getting tanned and sweaty, and he works hard - hard enough that he deserves more than just an ordinary reward. Kendall Karson and Kierra Wilde think he's worked hard enough that he deserves both of them at once, so they track him down in his natural habitat amid the vines and flowers. The luscious redhead and sexy brunette together show him what a man should really be doing with his seed when he has the opportunity to spread it around.

  • Hands On Experience - Scene 5: My Roommate's Boyfriend

    Scene Details

    Added: Oct 14, 2015

    If you were Jasmine Caro's roommate, you'd probably know better than to let your boyfriend Richie hang out at the house all by himself, what with her walking around dressed like that and clearly hungering for cock, but somebody's been careless, and there he is, texting in the backyard, and there she is, taking his pants off, and there they are, in handjob heaven. Watch Jasmine slap his hands away from her perfect body as she teases and pleases, making him sit back and take an excruciatingly sexy handjob. She rubs his cock all over her body until he explodes!

  • Hands On Experience - Scene 4: Damn Lucky Pool Guy

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    Added: Oct 04, 2015

    The pool guy is lucky that he gets to lounge around naked by the pool, and doubly lucky that the mistress of the house likes the look of his cock enough that she comes out to stroke it instead of firing him. Chloe Amour gives him a hell of a tip when she shows up in that skimpy and short-lived bikini and shows him what she knows about pleasuring a man with her hands (and occasionally her feet!). The sun, the water and the hot flesh all combine to give him just a little more to clean up.

  • Hands On Experience - Scene 3: Playing in the Park

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    Added: Sep 20, 2015

    Jennifer White is just strutting topless through a beautiful park, the way girls do, and she's got nothing to do with either of her hands; luckily, she runs across a half-naked guy with an available hard on that's just aching to be stroked. All that nature really gets them hot, and before they know it, Jennifer's giving him the hand job of his life!

  • Hands On Experience - Scene 2: Handy in Bed

    Scene Details

    Added: Sep 12, 2015

    Courtney Shea knows her way around a cock; whether she's a natural or it's the result of years of practice, we don't know, but Courtney has magic hands, as she demonstrates in this languid, lazy afternoon hand job in the comfort of her bedroom. Courtney teases and pleases as her man lies back and lets her practice her art (not that she needs much practice - she seems to know exactly what she's doing).

  • Hands On Experience - Scene 1: Hey, Pool Guy, Show Me Your Pole

    Scene Details

    Added: Aug 07, 2015

    The pool boy gets more than he bargained for when Abby Cross decides she'd rather have a cock in her hand than a clean place to swim. She distracts him from his job, leads him into temptation, and takes him in hand to show him that you don't need to go all the way to find satisfaction with a hot girl. Abby takes her time and teases, stripping slowly and stroking firmly, until he can't do anything but explode in her hand.



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