Added: Sep 24, 2015

A gorgeous tropical island, a mysterious host, a roster of guests paying ungodly sums of money to come to Paradise and have their fantasies might sound like a familiar scenario, but "Eden" is far from ordinary. Adam and Eve's lush and extravagant treatment of the Fantasy island theme has everything you never got to see but wanted to: Ava Rose, Bree Olson, Tommy Gunn, Carmen Luvana, Evan Stone, Courtney Cummz, Tommy Gunn and Angel Valentine getting to live out their wildest, deepest, darkest desires in some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth. All that and a mystery too!

  • Eden - Scene - 9: Menage a Bree

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    Added: Sep 24, 2015

    While Carmen Luvana preens and poses in the swimming pool - maybe wondering when Jerry will come up and start hitting on her - Bree Olsen knows the best place to fish for men is, of course, on the beach. Bree's time by the ocean is greatly enhanced by the eager attentions of rockstar Jim Bandy and resident island sensitive poet Jean Val Jean, and the trio enjoys a gorgeous romp in the warm tropical surf.

  • Eden - Scene - 8: Boudoir Tryst

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    Added: Sep 04, 2015

    Jack Marshall and Ava Roberts find a quiet moment alone (indoors, for once) and make the most of their passionate attraction. The movie star and the rugged outdoorsman share a romantic interlude in an actual bed, away from the island's mysteries and intrigues.

  • Eden - Scene - 7: Mer

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    Added: Aug 09, 2015

    Jack's not the only one getting all worked up in the wild ocean; as Vincent checks his swim gear on the beach, he has a vision not many can lay claim to: Ellie and Vivan appear in the thrashing surf, a pair of blonde sylphs bent on pleasuring each other before his eyes. As he watches, completely forgetting his safety procedures, the two beautiful saltwater naiads make love at the edge of the sea.

  • Eden - Scene - 6: Exhilaration

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    Added: Jul 28, 2015

    After a close encounter rescuing a guest from a shark, Jack is relaxing on the beach; Kai brings him a cool drink, but she's willing to do a lot more to show her concern than just act as a waitress. Maybe danger has gotten Jack's blood up, because her solicitous gesture turns into a steamy interlude on the beach. Who knew sharks were good for your sex life?

  • Eden - Scene - 5: Poor Little Rich Girl

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    Added: Jul 18, 2015

    Poor little Bree - people think she's spoiled, and she doesn't know how to fit in. Jack (Evan Stone) finds her on the lawn reflecting on her troubles, and shows her that she has more than money to offer to an interested gentleman. It turns out that what she wants is a strong man who can take control of a brat, and the island's chief animal wrangler and man's man is just the fellow to do it.

  • Eden - Scene - 4: The Pounding Sea

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    Added: Jul 08, 2015

    Vincent van Zandt (Jerry) finds it hard to believe that there's anything he can't buy, and his pursuit of Vivian Generro (Carmen Luvana) gets more aggressive the more she turns him down. Out on the open sea during a yacht tour of the island, she finally gives him his chance, and it turns out the "sophisticated but uptight" young woman knows a little more about what men and ladies do than she's been letting on.

  • Eden - Scene - 3: The L Word

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    Added: Jun 24, 2015

    As TV star Ava Roberts (Ava Rose) suns herself by the pool, another guest comes by to do some flirting, but this time the advances are a little more welcome. Bree Olson recognizes Ava from that television show about lesbians, and when she asks if that's all real or just put on for the audience, Ava offers to let her in on some backstage secrets. If Ava's not gay, she's the best actress on TV!

  • Eden - Scene - 2: On the Beach

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    Added: Jun 14, 2015

    Jim Bandy (Tommy Gunn), the island's rock star guest, is used to getting whatever he wants whenever he wants it, so he's not surprised when a walk along the shoreline with hostess Kai Ono (Angel Valentine) turns into a trip to the island's most secluded beach. Kai tells him they could get away with anything there, and they try their best. A gorgeous beach with a beautiful view and a sexy, exotic girl - no matter how jaded a rock star you are, you can't turn down an invitation like that!

  • Eden - Scene - 1: A Wild Ride

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    Added: Jun 02, 2015

    For a place where any fantasy can come true, Vivian (Carmen Luvana) has a pretty tame one - in spite of the fact that she has loved horses forever, she's never been able to ride one. Mr. Xavier sets her up with Jean (Jean Val Jean), who takes her out for a ride in the wilds of the island. Things get steamy, and heat up even more when fellow guest Ellie Cook (Courtney Cummz), the opportunistic widow of an ancient billionaire, happens by to add to the thrills.



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