Confessions of A Sex Surrogate

Confessions of A Sex Surrogate

Added: Sep 08, 2015

At the world-famous Cassidy Institute, an idyllic retreat on the coast of California, Katy Cassidy heads a staff of doctors and surrogates who are working hard to improve the sex lives of everyone they can reach. Both staff and clients learn new techniques, how to use toys and other equipment, and how to foster intimacy and pleasure. Follow the adventures of Katy Cassidy and her sexy, knowledgeable staff - Dr. Mark (the referring sexologist), Bobby and Deborah (the surrogates) and Lindsey (the intern) - in this inside look at the world of sex therapy.

  • Confessions of a Sex Surrogate - Scene 5: TGIF and You Can Call Me Anytime

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    Added: Sep 08, 2015

    After a busy week, Dr. Mark and Lindsey get together on Friday to relax and practice a little Sensate Focus therapy. They're both glad of a respite from work, even if they are doing pretty much the same thing as they do at the office. Sometimes when you're a professional, it's nice to have another expert take care of you, after all the amateurs have had their turn, and Mark and Lindsey are both very expert. Back at the office, Katy gets a call from her traveling boyfriend Michael, and his request to hear all about her week turns into a sizzling phone sex session as she describes her reunion with Virginia and their playtime with George the bartender. Katy and Michael both get themselves off listening to each other's voices and erotic sounds.

  • Confessions of a Sex Surrogate - Scene 4: Moaning at the Bar and Anatomy 101

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    Added: Sep 02, 2015

    In their off-hours, Katy Cassidy and Virginia Borland meet again at a private club, where they acquaint Katy's favorite bartender George (Isiah Maxwell) with their work and personal relationship; when Katy reveals that Virginia's favorite drink isn't alcoholic at all and is something George is uniquely qualified to provide, they repair to the lounge so they can drink straight from the tap. Back at the office Riley Reynolds takes on an assignment with a client (Brad Remington) whose confidence needs bolstering; she shows him how to enjoy her body and his in a mutual masturbation session that includes not only a detailed anatomy lesson, but some pillow talk and mutual voyeurism and exhibitionism.

  • Confessions of a Sex Surrogate - Scene 3: Shopping Spree and Purchase Approval

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    Added: Aug 27, 2015

    A client's psychosomatic difficulties with erection and intimacy lead Bobby (Chad Alva) to an adult video and novelty shop to scout out new technologies and toys; at the counter, shop clerk Katrina Jade is only too happy to point out her favorite items, and then demonstrate their use. Before long, of course, toys aren't enough, and Katrina locks the shop door to give Chad more time to learn what the toys are good for and to show her how a good sex surrogate treats a girl in need. Of course, once Bobby's made his visit to the sex shop, he has to get his co-worker's opinions of the new equipment, so he calls fellow surrogate Riley Reynolds to his room to see what a woman thinks of the toys he's bought. Riley is thrilled to try them out, but she definitely wants more than just a few vibrators, no matter how good they may be. Bobby helps her test them all, but he has a tool the sex shop can't provide, and that's the one Riley likes best.

  • Confessions of a Sex Surrogate - Scene 2: Desktop Reunion and Testing to Distraction

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    Added: Aug 21, 2015

    Expert surrogate partner and former staff member at the Cassidy Center Virginia Borland (Kasey Warner) makes a visit to the Monday staff meeting to brief the surrogates on vaginismus, a muscular condition that can make intercourse difficult for women. Once the briefing is over, though, she and Katy Cassidy (Ela Darling) retire to Katy's office to reminisce over old times - and create some new ones. They always played well together, and there's nothing like nostalgia to spark an old flame, and soon Katy has cleared her calendar - and her desktop - so they can get reacquainted. Meanwhile, when Lindsey (Ana Foxxx) checks the day's mail, she finds a pair of ben-wa balls and decides to try them out. A quick break in the Center's well-appointed bathroom turns into a full-fledged toy-testing session as the balls get Lindsey's motor running, and she takes things a little farther than the workplace usually allows.

  • Confessions of a Sex Surrogate - Scene 1: Masseuse Auditions and Brinkswomanship

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    Added: Aug 15, 2015

    After a brief meeting to finish up a busy week, Katy Cassidy (Ela Darling) and the staff break for the weekend. Dr. Mark (Richie Calhoun) heads over to visit Deborah (Riley Reynolds) to meet her two massage therapist friends, and a poolside introduction turns into a happy ending audition as the hunky doctor takes on his sex surrogate coworker and the two masseuses Gwen and Veronica (Jenna Ivory and Jay Taylor). He doesn't get a massage, but the girls treat him to a full-service therapy session anyway. Bright and early Monday morning, Lindsey (Ana Foxxx) teaches her client (Steve Rogers) how to control his premature orgasms with a technique called Start-Stop Masturbation, in which she arouses him and then slows down when he's about to explode, pausing over and over again until he's comfortable with relaxing to control his excitement.



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