Bringing Back the Bush

Bringing Back the Bush

Added: Sep 27, 2016

When four women in an exercise class start hearing that shaved pubes are out and a healthy full bush is back in, they start spreading the news - and their legs - as fast as they can. Bringing Back the Bush follows their adventures with boyfriends, girlfriends and each other as they suss out opinions and make sure they're keeping up with the trends. After all, a girl's gotta know what's in style, right?

  • Bringing Back the Bush - Scene 7: Break on Through

    Scene Details

    Added: Sep 27, 2016

    Back at the spa, Cara teases Richie with her bush. After a long day of snippy customers, he's happy to see something that's not yelling at him, and he slowly undresses her, taking his time in getting to her steamy jungle. He caresses her nylon-clad ass and when it comes time for some fucking, he just tears on through. He can only take so much rubbing his cock on the nylons, ripping a hole in her panties to fuck her through. Cara doesn't stop him, though - she wants it as much as he does!

  • Bringing Back the Bush - Scene 6: Engaged

    Scene Details

    Added: Sep 25, 2016

    More conversation in the gym leads to Steven and Trillium talking about her growing out her bush, and the thought is so hot for him that he can't keep his hands off her once they get home. He slowly strips her down to her sexy mesh stockings and uncovers her neatly trimmed pussy. It's hard to tell how much bush she has because she's so blonde, but it's enough for Steven!

  • Bringing Back the Bush - Scene 4: Reflection

    Scene Details

    Added: May 21, 2016

    After Libby walks away from a potential threesome, she isn't sure whether to feel rejected or what, and a long, intense session of self-contemplation leads her to a long intense session of masturbation; she displays her gorgeous body, watches herself in a mirror, spreads her legs wide and brings herself to a satisfying climax while reflecting on her body and her self.

  • Bringing Back the Bush - Scene 3: Going to the Mat

    Scene Details

    Added: May 13, 2016

    Libby and Shandra talk bush at the spa's store, but it's not till they get into the workout room to stretch out that they really get down to brass tacks. Libby reveals that she's attracted to both Shandra and her boyfriend, and the couple responds eagerly. It's a little soon for a threesome, though, and Libby retreats to fuck another day while Shandra and her man dive into each other right there in the club.

  • Bringing Back the Bush - Scene 2: Eating In

    Scene Details

    Added: May 05, 2016

    Jade Nile and Raven Rockette have been keeping a secret from their friends - that they've been pretty intimate with each others bushes for a while now! When Raven comes over to take Jade out for breakfast, they end up comparing pubic forests with Jade's roommate Kasey Warner, and when kasey leaves for work Raven and Jade take the opportunity to dive straight into each others' bushes - instead of going out for breakfast, they decide to eat in!

  • Bringing Back the Bush - Scene 1: A Little Research

    Scene Details

    Added: Apr 25, 2016

    After a locker-room discussion with her friends about the resurgence of pubic hair, Sarah Vandella makes a date with Dale (Aaron Wilcoxxx), the hunky trainer at the gym, to find out what he thinks about it - and hopefully to see if hers gets his motor running. Of course, it does, even if it's not quite as full as some of the other girls', Dale likes what he sees - not to mention what he feels and tastes!

  • Bringing Back the Bush - Scene 5: Kitchen Not-so-Confidential

    Scene Details

    Added: May 31, 2015

    When Cara calls into the radio talk show to discuss her bush, she gets herself so worked up that she can't keep her hands out of her tights, and she has to set down the phone and masturbate right there in the kitchen. She gets a little more exposure than she expected, though, when her friends stop by just in time to see the climax of the show!



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